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Reservations for horse riding should be made via phone only. Please call (352) 821-4756 to reserve your ride.

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Family/Household Membership
$25/year or $100 Lifetime

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Visiting, Picnicking & Interaction with Horses

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Lifetime Blue Raffle Ticket Package $180

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Red Ticket Package $45

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You will find the horses' stories will touch your heart, and you can be an active part of their lives now. Some of them have come to us because they were at the killer auctions, hard used from former show careers. Others have come from bad situations and neglect. Now the trend is mostly economic, people being forced to choose between having a home/food for their families, or for their animals. You can be a part of the solution.

The purpose of this club is to rescue horses with people problems, through the method of "natural horsemanship", great nutrition, love and caring from wonderful members, visitors, and the support of angels who are here in spirit. It's time to help the small rescue operations do their jobs better -- better than ever before. Our efforts have been to establish a leading organization unique because we have always provided services, such as memberships, apprenticeships, and trail ride lessons for a low or no fee, instead of just asking for monetary gifts. Now we wish to add advertising, lifetime memberships, and an annual event with lots of drawings and prizes in January for all of our supporters. Also, the new concept of not removing loved animals from a struggling home by providing feed and necessities, as a hand up.

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The club is OK, it will continue. The horses must have a place to be. The founders can and will create the restructuring that is necessary (5 of the 13 horses are enjoying free grazing, thanks to Tony & Deneene but that makes them unavailable for taking care of all their needs or members visiting them). What needs to happen right now is working capital... lots of it! Will you help the horses, and the children of all ages keep this learning center, that is on the forest? Don't let this location be lost forever.

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