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Reservations for horse riding should be made via phone only. Please call (352) 821-4756 to reserve your ride.

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For Absolutely Everyone!

Community Memberships:

Family/Household Membership
$25/year or $100 Lifetime

Single Membership
$15/year or $60 Lifetime

Riding $5 and up
With Appointment

All Memberships Include FREE
Visiting, Picnicking & Interaction with Horses

Business Memberships:

Over the Moon
Lifetime Blue Raffle Ticket Package $180

1 Year Regular Membership
Red Ticket Package $45

Member Benefits

Make Checks Payable To:
Adopt A Horse Club
Include your business card size ad (for a minimal additional fee our designer can create a custom ad for you), and any other information you need us to have, then call 352-821-4756.

We will pick up the paperwork and deliver direct to your hands a great package, quick and hassle-free.



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